We buy classical records


Over the years we have bought many classical music collections travelling far and wide and meeting with collectors or family members. It’s always fascinating to see what people have collected. Some classical records are in high demand and can command surprising prices. Over the years difference titles have come in and out of vogue but generally speaking it is pressings from the early stereo era of the late 1950’s to around 1970 that are most sought after. There are many exceptions to this rule, Viktoria Mullova wasn’t born until 1959 for instance, but as with all collecting tastes and ears change. We tend to buy the whole collection rather than just cherry pick through it. We visit you, make an offer and fill our van. We also trade in accompanying HiFi equipment and sometime high quality CDs. From our home in Bristol we cover the whole country and think we pay the best prices for best collections. Please drop us a line if you have a collection to sell and we will take it from there.

New collection of rock bands

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